May 14, 2019 Tuesday

Gnardog Gymnastics - Skill Training 2.

Bands ok.

Gnardog Gymnastics - Skill Training 3.

Bands ok - prefer using a box however to mimic range of motion.

May 13, 2019 Monday

Row should take no longer than 2min, scale as needed. Hang squat cleans should be a weight you can do unbroken at least the first couple rounds. Scale as needed, 95/65# is a good scale for many. 22 min cap

Ab Finisher - Not For Time

Scale the pike ups to leg or knee raises on your back

May 11, 2019 Saturday

First 2 parts is done where each partner will complete 2 rounds of each, working at the same time. One bikes while other WBs, One T2Bs while other runs. The 3rd part is done together. 40 SBCs total & 80 Burpees total between partners. One works while other rests. Time cap....? Who needs a time cap?! Just FINISH!!

May 10, 2019 Friday

2 hang power cleans are from below the knee. Practice making contact mid-thigh using lots of legs on the clean. Start at a light weight & build each set Scale to 3 hang power clean

Barbell Cycling

Your goal is to do big sets but not necessarily all sets unbroken. Use your Coach to help find appropriate weights. 12 min cap

Not For Time

Every 20 reps perform 10 Chin-ups

May 09, 2019 Thursday

Build to heavy Advanced Athletes begin around 75/55# & aim to finish around 115/75# More beginners begin w/ an empty barbell & build to something challenging but doable. A goal is to build to around 95/65#

Scale the run to a distance you can complete in no longer than :90 Scale the KB weight to something you can do each round of 15 UB. Scale T2B as needed. 20 min cap

May 08, 2019 Wednesday

Build each set

Max burpee w/ remainder of time

Barbell Class

Unbroken. Clean any way. Focus on standing tall, shoulder shrug.

Barbell Class

Build up to todays 1rm. Must catch in squat today. No Power to Front squat. Focus on pull - to pull your body under the bar.

May 07, 2019 Tuesday


In honor of Wildland Firefighter Frank Romero of the Horseshoe Meadow Hotshots who lost his battle to cancer 9/10/16. We last did this 5/7/18

May 06, 2019 Monday

No fails!

May 04, 2019 Saturday

Saturday Partner Hustle

*partners run together *wall balls and bike, one works while one rests

May 03, 2019 Friday

Time to show what you've worked for.....

*take 12 minutes to find a new 1RM squat snatch

May 02, 2019 Thursday

Murph Prep

Gnardog Gymnastics - WOD

May 01, 2019 Wednesday

*working on quickness under the bar *use the 1RM number we established April 12th

Barbell Class

At high hip, mid thigh, and floor. Use your lift history or chart for % weights.

Barbell Class

From Rack. Focus on foot placement - and small but explosive dip.

Barbell Class

April 30, 2019 Tuesday

7 Circles of Hell

*score is total number of reps *rest 3 minutes and repeat cycle

Beat your first score!

Gnardog Gymnastics - Skill Training

3 seconds down - explode up. Try to avoid a band - use toes to ground for balance and spotting.