July 27, 2020 Monday

In 10 minutes; Focus is control, precision, and mechanics. Work up to a moderate to heavy complex. Aim for perfect mechanics... this will be managing the loading to keep the load sub-max. We are NOT testing the limits of our technique and mechanics but rather using a load that challenges you but still allows for high level performance. You can drop the bar between reps as the loading increases to allow for a quick reset however it should be quick.

Weight should be light enough to connect all the barbell reps! This is a pure gas pedal workout. Aim to be grinding to hit the same number of rounds each set. This is where the weight of the bar becomes SUPER important in choosing the right load and the light load at the start. Lighter is better today, no doubt. Athletes must have the ability to move the bar quickly even under fatigue and the OHS should not be a challenge with the weight you choose. If you struggle immensely overhead but really want to drop the hammer today, 115/75 or 135/95 with a Power Clean into Front Squat is a great option! Athletes must have the ability to cycle quickly and accurately...the barbell can not be a roadblock today. It’s all about fitness and intensity. Fittest should be able to hit 5+ rounds per interval and all should get at least 3 rounds per interval.


14:00 Min Cap Suggested Instead of a Ring Row today, do Sit Ups.

July 25, 2020 Saturday

Partner WOD

Partner WOD One works while other rests, switch anytime Modify 50 DUs to 100 SUs

July 24, 2020 Friday

In 15 minutes *Start with Light weight at start of 15:00 build to Heavy. Reps do not need to be TNG. STIMULUS Strength -- Athletes, you are building to a heavy 3-rep for the day- this is NOT a 3RM, but it should be something challenging for 3 reps. We are looking for all athletes to maintain proper mechanics, and to hold onto the bar from rep 1 to rep 3 We can sub Power Cleans if you cannot go overhead today!

We last did this 2/21/20 Another benchmark to compare from our previous performance! Athletes should be able to hold onto the weight they choose for sets of 3-5 reps unbroken- this might not be your strategy, but you should be able to hold on! Quick singles might be a good option for most athletes today to allow to keep chipping away at these reps at a steady clip. Fittest can finish sub 4 minutes, with the majority finishing between 7-10 minutes.


P1: Rows and does Plate Ground to Overhead while P2: Does Max Rep Box Jumps or Max Rep Step Overs

July 23, 2020 Thursday

HIGHLIGHTS *Athlete Goal* – Long grind of a workout! The goal here is consistent movement- can you hold onto the same rep scheme from round 1 to round 6? INTRO In it for the long haul today with this 30 min EMOM! We are working for max reps in each interval, however that does not mean we should come out so hot out the gate that we crash and burn in the 3rd round. Today is all about pacing, and keeping consistent movement from round 1 to round 6. Starting more conservatively, it might feel easy at first, but if you pace it correctly, those last 3 rounds will be a true challenge to hold onto that pace! STIMULUS Long grinder today! :50 of consistent movement at each “station” is the goal for today. RX is great, but can you keep moving for all :50 with the movement option chosen? Rep scheme should be a goal number you can hit from round 1 to round 6- fittest athletes are shooting to pick up the pace and increase their reps as the workout goes on, while the rest of us should aim to keep consistent movement. Today is grunt work day!


July 22, 2020 Wednesday

HIGHLIGHTS *Athlete Goal* - Choose a heavy weight you can do the complex unbroken w/out kipping or moving your chest & shoulders in the bent-over position. Bent-over row hold is at the top w/ the DBs staying in contact w/ your chest, elbows in. You will need to push the run each round! The run is a there & back, COMPLETE lap inside the barricades.

Part 1 of 3 - 1 min rest then begin next part HIGHLIGHTS Choose a weight & box height that will allow you to move quickly w/ little to no resting. 5 minutes goes by quickly. Each successive part (5 minutes) changes a little to allow you to move quicker! STIMULUS KBS should be completed unbroken. Box Jumps should be at a height that is automatic for each athlete. Step it out on the run!

Part 2 of 3 - 1 min rest then begin next part HIGHLIGHTS Keep the same weight as part 1 & box height should be raised but still allow you to move quickly w/ little to no resting. 5 minutes goes by quickly! Each successive part (5 minutes) changes a little to allow you to move quicker! STIMULUS R-KBS should be completed unbroken. Box Jumps should be at a height that is automatic for each athlete. Step it out on the run!

Part 3 of 3 HIGHLIGHTS Box height should be increased again & will slow you down slightly from the previous 2 parts. Although the box height will slow you down, the up downs will allow you to move quicker this part. STIMULUS Up downs should be done quickly. Box Jumps should be a height high but such that you are confident each jump. Step it out on the run!


DB Hang Power Cleans should be Alternating. Optional Finisher: 2-3 Sets of: 10/10 DB Hammer Curls 20 Alt. Deadbugs

July 21, 2020 Tuesday

*Build past workout weight in 15 minutes. Reset position after Clean DL, does not need to be connected HIGHLIGHTS *Athlete Goal* The strength piece is building to a heavy complex of one Clean Deadlift, and one Power Clean and Jerk. Athletes should focus on performing the Deadlift then resetting from the floor for the Power Clean and Jerk (no touch and go today). This will give athletes an opportunity to drill their technique while overloading the lift before the workout. In our progression today we are going to focus on cycling the Power Clean into the Jerk without having to reset. Athletes should use the strength portion today to also practice this quick cycle

We last did this 3/4/20 This is a benchmark! Check your last result & see if you can improve *Beginners should scale weight to a moderate load and perform 2-3 reps on the minute, resting as needed to ensure proper mechanics. STIMULUS High volume of purely weightlifting for a longer duration. The workout will start off seeming simple but get significantly more challenging in the second half. The reps really start to add up on this one but athletes are aiming to maintain solid technique and not let the fatigue force them to move poorly.


15:00 Cap

July 20, 2020 Monday

Every minute including at 0:00 perform 5 burpees *Athlete Goal* – A “Kalsu”-esque workout today but quicker and higher reps per minute. Goal should be to get at least 10-15 reps per minute. Burpees should be :03 or less each rep, :15 cap on the Burpee. Can you finish sub 10:00? STIMULUS 15:00 cap, goal is for most to be in the 12:00 range while fittest will be pushing sub 10:00. Want to have a weight that you can move for multiple connected reps. Should be pushing 10 reps each minute. Burpees should be scaled in number to allow the athlete to finish in sub :15 each minute (whether that’s 5,4,3 reps). Less than 3 reps, think about adjusting the movement to an Up-Down. SCALING *Reps, Loading, Volume*... Front Squat -- For athletes that won’t be able to handle the volume at the intended load, a few ways to approach...1.) turn workout into a 10 or 12 min EMOM and see how far you get, or 2.) lower the load to allow for 8-12 reps per minute after completion of the Burpees. Burpee -- :15 or less each minute, adjust volume accordingly *Movement Adjustments*... Front Squat -- Can be adjusted to Single DB Front Squat, Goblet Squat, Barbell Front Squat (light) or Back Squat from a rack (moderate-light) Burpee -- Can be adjusted to Step-Back Burpee, Burpee to a Box, or Up-Down. Athletes can also have the option for 5-10 Push-Ups per minute if looking to increase their Push-Up volume.

Finisher - Not For Time


Do Part 1 then Rest 4 Min. then do Part 2.


July 18, 2020 Saturday

Strength -- Moderate load, building to a Heavy load for a double Power Clean. This does not necessarily need to be Touch and Go, but athletes looking to build their technique in that can go for it. Modified to a hang power clean is a good option is you're still learning the basics of the clean. If unable to PC today build to a heavy double Deadlift

Partner WOD

P1 works on the ski erg & sandbag then goes on the run. When P1 begins their run P2 can begin on the next round of ski erg then sandbag. The run is a perimeter run of the orange barricades Be ready to wipe off the ski erg handles between partners & use our hand sanitizer immediately after the workout to help prevent the spread of the virus.

July 17, 2020 Friday

WOD In the Park

Not much pacing here, hit the gas pedal & hang on!

WOD In the Park

For the Strength, load that bar up and focus on perfect Thrusters. Moderate volume of Heavy-ish Thrusters. There should be no missed attempts on these Thrusters as the weight stays at the same load across all 5 sets. Each set should feel challenging while still executing perfect reps.

July 16, 2020 Thursday

WOD In the Park - Go Hard then Go Home

Go hard today! Today is all about pushing the threshold of your personal intensity then trying to hold onto your static hold with as much integrity as possible. Pace on the Bike and Up-Downs should be scary! STIMULUS Sprint intervals coupled with a static hold. Athletes should be pushing at 90%+ the entire time today and see if you can hold onto the Plank. You should be breathless through the Plank and fighting to hold the integrity of your midline. The 1:00 rest should be enough to recover to hit each round as hard as possible. 1:00-1:30 max time on the Bike. Try not to lose any time in transition followed by sub 1:00 on the Up-Downs. 2:00 total working time and 2:00 total static hold time is the goal. Fittest will be sub 2:00 leaving more time on the Plank. For an extra challenge for the fittest, wear a vest through this workout. Adding a vest will increase the overall demand plus the added layer of more load on the body / labored breathing.

July 15, 2020 Wednesday

WOD In the Park

WOD In the Park

July 14, 2020 Tuesday

*Athlete Goal* – Use the strength to work on the skill of getting upside down, and prime the hips and core for the Deadlifts. Athletes get the chance to build up time upside down- goal is :45, but if you're not there yet, then try to hold for as long as you can. Barbell Good Mornings should be a weight that can be done unbroken under control throughout the entire EMOM. Modify the HS Hold for :45 plank shoulder taps

We last did this 1/17/20 If you tested “Diane” back in January, see if you can make any improvements today! Deadlifts should be done in no more than 3 sets in the round of 21, no more than 2 sets in the round of 15, and unbroken in the last round. The weight should be something automatic that you can confidently perform each round. HSPU are dependent on your skill and strength level, but should be consistent throughout- the goal is no failed reps here! Fittest can finish sub 5 minutes, while the majority of us will finish in the 10-12 minute range. SCALING Deadlift -- You should be able to complete at least 10 reps unbroken with the weight choosen- scale accordingly. HSPU -- You should be able to complete in quick sets of 3-5 reps- scale the volume accordingly if needed to 15-9-6 or 9-6-3. -- Pike Push-Ups -- Box HSPU (knees or toes on box) -- L-Seated DB Strict Press