November 26, 2019 Tuesday

November 25, 2019 Monday

Find the day's 2RM in 14 minutes

Complete rounds in 1:30 or less to allow for at least :30 of rest between rounds. Modify reps down as needed to complete in the 1:30 timeframe

November 23, 2019 Saturday

Partner WOD

Partners run around the block (440m) together then one works while the other rests on the WBs & BJs. Split the reps anyway. For the WBs & BJs, the resting partner must hold a single KB (53/35#) in the goblet position. If the KB goes to the ground before all 120 reps (each round) are complete then both partners must complete 3 burpees each. KB is not held during the run 37 minute cap

November 22, 2019 Friday

Partner WOD

One works while other rests. Partners alternate after every full round. Each partner will complete 8 rounds. 20 min cap

8 sets each, alternate movements each set for a total of 8 minutes

November 21, 2019 Thursday

15 min cap

November 20, 2019 Wednesday

Increase weight each set

November 19, 2019 Tuesday

:02 pause above the knee. Work up or stay same across

November 18, 2019 Monday

Aim to finish the row, run, & bike each in 5 minutes or less. If unable to then modify

November 16, 2019 Saturday

Partner WOD

One partner works while other rests. Complete in order & split reps anyway. Hang Cluster is a hang squat clean into a thruster 20 min cap

November 15, 2019 Friday

31x1 :03 lower to ground :01 pause at the bottom Explode on the way up And :01 pause at the top Each set of 5 should take about :30 Weight should not be so much that you are sacrificing form during any of the :30 of work. If you are increasing weight then this should be done in small increments

This is not a sprint, weight on the DL should be light & aim to do all sets unbroken. We are looking for about 90% effort today, NOT A SPRINT. Push hard, there is built in rest each round

November 14, 2019 Thursday

3 sets not for time -10 Slow Ring Rows -20 Kneeling Double Lat Band Pull-Downs -Max Barbell Upright Rows All reps here should be done unbroken & aim for 15+ Upright Rows each round. Today is an upper body pump day, treat these movements w/ quality & control!

Aim to do the KB Snatches in no more than 3 quick sets 15 min cap

November 13, 2019 Wednesday

This is a barbell complex. :02 pause above the knee High Hang position is from the hip Keep the weight moderate, any moderate weight will be tough in today's complex

Modify as needed. Modify to 84 Single Unders if no Double Unders 12 min cap

November 12, 2019 Tuesday

Superset w/ a 1 minute plank hold on hands (push up position)

Modify weight & number of reps as needed to keep up in each minute. Use the full :60 on the burpees if needed as long as you can catch up a little time & finish the DB Snatches the following minute.

November 11, 2019 Monday

Happy Veteran's Day!

45 min cap We last did this 11/11/18

November 09, 2019 Saturday

Keep it moderate & aim for touch & go reps. Work up to something heavier than what you will use in the workout

Partner WOD

One works while other rests. Complete a full round then switch

November 08, 2019 Friday