July 20, 2016 Wednesday

No bands on Pistols, watch video for modification options. If you can not hold a handstand against the wall then your modification is the highest you can hold a wall walk in the hollow position.

Modify RingDip to band assisted or HRPU

July 19, 2016 Tuesday

Up 5% from last week. This weight should still be light enough that you should not be failing due to weight. Superset GHR

Modify to banded or partner assisted as needed. Avoid hips shooting back

Nice Nancy

11 min cap This is an aggressive time cap, you will need to move quickly to finish under the cap.

July 18, 2016 Monday

July 16, 2016 Saturday

Lunges, BoxJumpOvers, & DUs can be done concurrently between partners. Meaning one partner can be doing the lunges at the same time the other partner is doing the BoxJumpOvers. Same w/ the DUs. As long as the work is done each round, it does not matter who does what & when it is done. Again, the work can be done at the same time. The run must be done together each round

July 15, 2016 Friday

CentralValleyThrowdown WOD#1

15 minute cap

July 14, 2016 Thursday

Part 1 of a 2 part WOD, each part separately scored. On a 10min running clock 1. 800M run 2. w/ remaining time find your heaviest complex of 1 round of DT

Part 2 of a 2 part WOD, each part separately scored. On a 10min running clock 1. 800M run 2. w/ remaining time find your heaviest complex of 1 round of DT

Modify to 3 HSPU or HSPU on box. No more than 1 abmat, if more abmats are needed then modify to box. Hips over shoulders, NOT AN ELEVATED PUSHUP. Tripod position on the down position. Last option is double reps strict pushup, no worming up. Watch video for direction on HSPU on box

July 13, 2016 Wednesday

Gnardog's 1st WOD!

13 minute cap Modify to K2E or hanging knee raises

July 12, 2016 Tuesday

No worming up. Modify to knees or hands on box or bench w/out weight. Only add weight if you can perform a PROPER push up. Superset Hollow/Arch

Hollow to Arch hold x10 Watch video for demo

KAREN = 150 WB for time (20/14#) ELIZABETH = 21-15-9 of P.Clean (135/95#) & RingDip ANNIE = 50-40-30-20-10 of DUs & AbMat SitUps 24 min cap

July 11, 2016 Monday

Go off of SquatSnatch 1RM if you do not have a S.Balance 1RM. If you have neither then use 50% of 1RM FrontSquat as your 100% for S.Balance Watch 2min long video w/ Coach Josh Everett

8 minute cap Scale accordingly to finish under the cap we last did this 2/4/16

July 08, 2016 Friday

15 mins to find 1RM -Must be one continuous movement, not a clean to a FS to a S2O

1 max UB set To be performed anytime during the 15 mins of S.CleanThrusters

Thruster weight goes up every rd. 55/45 75/55 95/65 115/85 135/95 155/105 175/115

July 07, 2016 Thursday

Keep midline tight & stable -Squeeze bunz & thighs -Hips free & clear of pad -Pad should be on thighs -Modify to partner assisted as needed

Pistol or modification option Watch video for scaled options

Anytime the DB touches anything other than your body you must perform 5 burpees.

July 06, 2016 Wednesday

Treat this as a warm up before Isabel Aim to hit 1 to 2 reps above the weight you plan to use for Isabel Squat or Power

We last did this 4/20/16

Modify GHDs to half ROM AbMats as needed

July 05, 2016 Tuesday

:03 pause -Keep tension in midline -Drive through heels -Lead w/ elbows -Chest up