June 07, 2016 Tuesday

Scale PullUp to Jumping PU, no bands or ring rows today. Scale RingDip to jumping negatives on rings or boxes, no bands today. 2min rest then next...

This is 2mins after the AMRAP8 finishes. 2mins of ME MBCleans

June 06, 2016 Monday

From the rack 13mins to find heavy 1 for today It may not be a PR but find something that is heavy for you! :90-2min between efforts

Perform once at anytime during the SBs


Scale weight as needed & DUs to; -100 SingleUnder

June 04, 2016 Saturday

15min to find 1RM

June 03, 2016 Friday

Superset high BJ

Superset from BS

1 DB

June 02, 2016 Thursday

12mins to find today's 1RM then drop down to 80% for the EMOM

June 01, 2016 Wednesday

15mins to find today's 2RM

Max UB set Do this anytime during the 15mins of Jerks

May 31, 2016 Tuesday


May 30, 2016 Monday

Memorial Day MURPH!

Both run 800M together then split reps of PullUps, PushUps, & Squats however you want then both run again 800M together

May 28, 2016 Saturday

One partner does a round while the other runs 200M We last did this 10/31/15

May 27, 2016 Friday

Superset Kipping PullUps

This is a superset to practice your Kipping PullUps

Running FRAN

We last did this 11/24/15

May 26, 2016 Thursday

Superset DUs

Chipper Thursday!

May 25, 2016 Wednesday

17 mins of work

17 mins of work