April 19, 2016 Tuesday

Scale to -300 Singles -20 Burpee PullUps

M - 15# W - 10#

April 18, 2016 Monday

Superset GHD SU

1min rest then next

April 16, 2016 Saturday

Partner WOD

1 partner completes a full round while the other rests

April 15, 2016 Friday

:05 pause Superset BoxJump

Scale to a high Box that is challenging to you

Start w/ & every minute on the minute perform; -7 BoxJumps (24/20")

April 14, 2016 Thursday

15min HS Walk practice

400M ME run

Scale to :30 HS Hold or 80' Bear Crawl

April 13, 2016 Wednesday

Scale MUs to 3/3 PullUp/Dip or PushUp

75-85% for the complex Scale up or down a couple reps on the MUs as needed Scale to C2B or PullUps as needed

April 12, 2016 Tuesday

Scale up or down a couple reps of each movement as needed

April 11, 2016 Monday

Superset HS Walk or WallAssisted HS Hold

Green post to green post

April 09, 2016 Saturday

Partner Static Hold WOD

Static holds: -Handstand hold during HSPUs -Hang from Bar during PullUps -MB Hold overhead during WBs -Hang from Bar during T2Bs -Both complete 100 DUs EACH -DL Hold during CalRow

April 08, 2016 Friday

Superset Pullovers

April 07, 2016 Thursday

Scale up to HSPUs, strict pull-ups Scale down to AbMat SU