Programming Note

We begin a phase of the traditional bench press. Use today to work to a heavy 5RM to see where your at with this lift which will be our main upper body push exercise. We then have some unilateral work, and standard push pull for structural balance. Stick to the prescribed tempos. The lastg piece is a steady EMOM. Its NOT a conditioning piece. The KB snatches and D-Balls are incorpating Strongman elements, s go HEAVY as long as form allows, these are mixed in with 2 core elements. Reduce reps on these as needed to ensure you have enough time to test the Stringman pieces :) Also for Bench press you can either work 4 to a bench and 2 do the opposing exercise, then switch OR half the class can start the accessory first, and then switch after 12-15 mins or so.

Warm Up

3 Min Aerobic, Lunge Complex Coaches Choice, Divebomber Push Ups To Downward Dog, Spiderman, Crab Walk, Ring Rows w/pause, Glute Med Activation, Banded Shoulder Extension, Banded Pigeon


Lifting: Bench Press and Single Leg Kettlebell Deadlifts

Bench Press 5-5-5-5, using heaviest weight per set Rest 1 min Single Leg Kettlebell Deadlift 10-10-10-10, using heaviest weight per set Rest 2 mins

Bench Press @ 21X1 Single Leg KB Deadlift @ 31X1 TIME CAP - 15 MINS

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Lifting: Bent Over Barbell Rows and Seated Single Arm Dumbbell Press

Bent Over Barbell Row 10-10-10-10, using heaviest weight per set Rest 1 min Seated Single Arm Dumbbell Press 10-10-10-10, using heaviest weight per set Rest 1 min

Bent Over Row @ 20X1 Seated DB Press @ 10X2 (2 sec pause overhead) TIME CAP - 12 MINUTES

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Alt EMOM 16 mins: Dead Ball Over The Shoulders, Strict Toes To Bars, Double Kettlebell Snatches and GHD Sit-ups

Every 1 min for 16 mins, alternating between: 5 Dead Ball Over The Shoulders 15 Strict Toes To Bars 5 Double Kettlebell Snatches 15 GHD Sit-ups

Dead Ball Over The Shoulders - you choose the weight Strict Toes To Bars - Strict Leg or Knee Raises/Lying TTB/.V Ups Double Kettlebell Snatches - you choose the weight GHD Sit-ups - Abmat Sit Ups (15-25)

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5 Rounds for time 1 minute L-sit hold 30 Cals Row/Skii Erg 400 Meter Run

Gym Activity

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