July 13, 2020 Monday

AMRAP 10: 5 pull-ups 10 box facing step on and overs 5 T2B 10 lateral box step on and overs *Make sure to alternate legs on step overs! Don't need to stand up fully on box, but both feet must be on the box at the same time.

July 10, 2020 Friday

Partner A: handstand hold Partner B: 3 HSPU Partner A: hollow hold (on floor) Partner B: 6 V-ups Partner A: squat hold (not bottomed out like a toddler; butt off of heels, chest up) Partner B: 12 alt reverse lunges *B's reps only count when A is holding. Switch roles and repeat for a total of 8 rounds.

July 09, 2020 Thursday

July 08, 2020 Wednesday

July 07, 2020 Tuesday

July 06, 2020 Monday

July 03, 2020 Friday

ball slams are not an option

July 02, 2020 Thursday

max rep sit ups in 1 min after 1 min of rest

max rep sit ups in 1 min after 1 min of rest

max rep sit ups in 1 min after 1 min of rest

max rep sit ups in 1 min after 1 min of rest

July 01, 2020 Wednesday

EMOM including 0 complete 3 deadlifts 20 min cap

June 30, 2020 Tuesday

weight for OHS should be used for 6-8 cleans unless mobility does not allow you to go very heavy for OHS. In that case go heavier for cleans

June 29, 2020 Monday

retest the same way you completed this at beginning of the month

June 26, 2020 Friday

Partner King Kong

DL both partners on same bar at same time. Boys=4plates Girls=3plates Sync MU at top together BB Goblet squat from rack. Partners on end of bar. Boys=2plates+15 Girls=1plate+15 Sync HSPU at top together

June 25, 2020 Thursday

June 24, 2020 Wednesday

EMOM including 0 complete 3 snatches Snatches should be scaled to take 15s or less

June 23, 2020 Tuesday

June 22, 2020 Monday

8 min cap

June 19, 2020 Friday


run together split reps evenly 1 works at a time Ends with sync MU (at top together)

June 18, 2020 Thursday

June 17, 2020 Wednesday


June 16, 2020 Tuesday

scale to whatever the most difficult movement you can perform on the rig. example C2B or Pull Up or Banded pull up