September 22, 2020 Tuesday

September 21, 2020 Monday

weight must be challenging, yet you can do all reps with little or no rest

September 18, 2020 Friday

4 person teams

Relay fun - teams of 4 Buy in - Row 3,500m (rotate as needed) Then: Cone to cone (down and back) Sled pulls - add weight each round so last person to go has the heaviest weight Sandbag run (can place over shoulder, hold on back, carry - however you want) KB Farmers Carry *Each person has to go through this twice Then: Cash out - 100 wall balls (25 each person - must do all 25 before you rotate)

September 17, 2020 Thursday

September 16, 2020 Wednesday

September 15, 2020 Tuesday

September 14, 2020 Monday

September 11, 2020 Friday

September 10, 2020 Thursday

September 09, 2020 Wednesday

4 x 20m

September 08, 2020 Tuesday

September 07, 2020 Monday

September 04, 2020 Friday


A does one rep, B does two reps, A does three reps and so on Cannot rest at the ground, must be touch and go. However, you can rest at your hips, barbell on back. If you rest at the ground, partner must do 5 lateral burpees over bar. Then person doing barbell movement can finish their reps

as a group - group plank. No butts in the air. Longest plank win. If you drop in under 45 seconds - 25 burpees Less than 60 seconds - 20 burpees Less than 90 seconds - 15 burpees If you hold for at least 90 seconds - no burpees

September 03, 2020 Thursday

partner med

While your partner is working, you must hold your med ball at your shoulder. Not on shoulder = no reps

September 02, 2020 Wednesday

Buy in - Run the loop Then: 10-1 Russian KB Swings (24/32) 1-10 Burpees Box Jumps On and Over (20/24) Cash out - 50 sit ups

September 01, 2020 Tuesday

3RNFT: 6 ring rows with :5 second pause at the top 6 Sandbag push up + pull through 250 Row (Nose Breathe) 200m Farmers Carry - one KB/one DB

August 31, 2020 Monday

21-15-9 for time Immediately into - in 3 minutes find your 2 rep max thruster

August 28, 2020 Friday


Split reps as needed. One partner works at a time

August 27, 2020 Thursday

August 26, 2020 Wednesday

Scale to single unders or reduce number of double unders if they are a struggle

August 25, 2020 Tuesday


Set of 9 should be all unbroken, rest, then set of 7 unbroken, rest, etc. Weight should get heavy as rounds of complex decrease, but focus on clean movement: fast elbows in clean, hip extension in jerk

August 24, 2020 Monday