Gym medium

November 21 Wednesday

Not for time, with quality, 3-4 rounds

Front Squats @22x1 - brace core

Not for time, with quality 3-4 rounds

AMRAP 5 mins: Row or AB

or 14/8 cal AB

November 20 Tuesday

November 19 Monday

*Start with a 75% effort for 5, then build for 3, and then build to a heavy 1 for the day. Go for a 1RM attempt ONLY if you are feeling good and KNOW you can make it.

first two movements tempo @22x1

November 16 Friday

7-10/5-7 AB @fast (aim for ~30s of good hard effort) 6-8 Wall Ball Push Press Throws (might have to use lighter weight than normal wall ball) 6, 6, 5, 5, 4, 4, 3, 3 Front Squats [Compare to 11/2]

In remaining time after run and burpees, establish 2RM Front Squat* *if you drop the bar your workout is over :( plan weights and timing accordingly

November 15 Thursday

November 14 Wednesday

DU/SU Practice

Practice, and keep track of your practising; double under "tech" on Wed options are: 1) fast singles - try and move wrists more, jump as minimally as possible off the ground, and coordinate; no knee bends; 2) slow and fast singles - control cadence; 3) no/minimal knee bend jumps in their singles + double attempts; 4) Double under attempts - single, single double; 5) 5 UB, then 10 UB, and then so on up the ladder until fail; and then go back down to 5 or whatever; 6) penguin flaps; 7) if 50+ DU unbroken, try triple unders. PS - if cannot do DU for whatever reason (jumping limitations, coordination limitations), ask coach to work on alternatives, e.g., snatch deadlifts, or slow tempo goblet squats focusing on positioning, etc.

6-8 reps for each movement *choose same number for both movements you think you can get under timecap, and then go for it (cap 7)

November 13 Tuesday


Max(-1) Strict Pull Ups; Rest as needed after Supinated Ring Row


For Pull Up and Push-Ups, Max(-1) reps - so go 1 rep short of failure; don't grind or hang and try. Keep moving throughout the 10 mins.

November 12 Monday


4.4.4. Wall Ball - clusters

1.1.1; 20-30s between reps, 2-3 minutes between sets 2-5 sets

rest 2 before next block

Rest 2 until final block

Aim for 5 rounds

November 9 Friday

Double Under/Single Under Tech Work

5 UB, 10 UB, 15 UB, 20 UB, … (Resting as needed between; if fail sequence, go back down to 5 and start again) Practice consistency, breathing and trying to use as much wrists as possible.

In 12 minutes; aim for consistency and small increments at the top end of your sets. Minimize misses if possible.

At the 06:00 mark on a running 10:00 clock, into the AMRAP

November 8 Thursday