Plan, Log and Analyze Your CrossFit® Journey

The World's Most Popular CrossFit ® Log. 10 Million Results and Counting.


What makes Beyond The Whiteboard different?

Whether you own a CrossFit Affiliate or CrossFit out of your garage, Beyond The Whiteboard helps you make better fitness decisions.

1. Plan Your WODs

CrossFit is about constantly varied training, but that doesn't mean the training is random. Our Plan tool will help you quickly choose the best WOD for you or your gym. In short, spend less time making better WOD choices.

2. Easily Log Results

After 10 million results we've learned a lot about logging them. We used what we learned and built an amazing posting system. Easily log extra lifting workouts, hotel WODs, and any other CrossFit workouts you do in your gym.

3. Analyze Your Stats

See how balanced your fitness choices are, and if you need to make adjustments for the future. Ever wonder when you last did Fran? Deadlifts? 5K Run? You'll never have to wonder again.